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Couples who head to Korea for pre-wedding photoshoots get to enjoy a short break too
When Madam Annie Ang, 54, was eyeing a trip to Taiwan this year, she was tempted to go straight for the cheap fares offered online.
You can see and do more when on a driving holiday, says April Chong.
Have the impression that cruises are for retirees and seniors?
Think that cruises are for retirees and seniors? New, niche cruises might just change your mind and have you hopping aboard a ship soon.
BUDAPEST (Reuters) - A luxury train connecting the capitals of Hungary and Iran left Budapest for the first time on Wednesday, with 70 passengers set to cross the Balkans, the Bosphorus and Kurdistan on the way to Persia aboard a set of deluxe railcars.
Not too long ago, intrepid travellers had to depend on wrinkled maps and the kindness of strangers when driving along foreign roads. But these days English- language global positioning systems, smartphones and travel apps have made road trips in foreign terrain a lot less of a guessing game.
PARIS (AFP) - Visitors at the Eiffel Tower were left giddy Monday as the mayor unveiled a new glass floor on Paris's best-known landmark, offering millions of tourists another perspective on the world's most-visited city.