Hong Kong Elections

Park Geun Hye ousted


The former director of a scandal-hit nationalistic educator has turned against Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his allies, dishing dirt in a brewing saga that has hurt the leader's solid approval ratings.


Outlook 2017

It is still the world's wealthiest continent. It continues to be admired for its innovation and commercial flair. It remains a magnet for tourists worldwide. And it is still the destination of choice for millions of would-be migrants.
Lower taxes and more jobs - but not enough jobs. Uncertain health care for at least 6.4 million people. Higher prices at the store if there is a trade war with China.
It will be a difficult and uncertain 2017 for China and President Xi Jinping, and it is not just because of the unpredictability of United States President-elect Donald Trump.

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Qipao fans have quite the fashion runway amid the beautiful canola flowers in full bloom at the ancient picturesque village of Lishantou, in China's Longquan city.

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