Urban Asia


JAKARTA • Indonesia's Parliament has sworn in as its new Speaker Mr Bambang Soesatyo, a critic of President Joko Widodo's government who was appointed after the previous Speaker was indicted in a US$173 million (S$236 million) graft scandal.


The legal battles being fought among the group's heirs have cast the spotlight on one of Asia's wealthiest, most private families.
Arriving by land and sea, thousands of tourists flock to Penang's century-old clan jetties every day. These were once a collection of ramshackle huts on stilts - the oldest examples of Chinese settlements in Malaysia - on the verge of being demolished by property developers. But they are now filled with colourful homes peddling souvenirs, snacks and lodgings to the cultural traveller.
Over the next six months, the popular mayor of Indonesia's third-largest city, the country's minister for social affairs, and the former commander of the army strategic reserves will hit the campaign trail ahead of the regional polls.
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