Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump

Outlook 2017

It will be a difficult and uncertain 2017 for China and President Xi Jinping, and it is not just because of the unpredictability of United States President-elect Donald Trump.
Lower taxes and more jobs - but not enough jobs. Uncertain health care for at least 6.4 million people. Higher prices at the store if there is a trade war with China.
It is still the world's wealthiest continent. It continues to be admired for its innovation and commercial flair. It remains a magnet for tourists worldwide. And it is still the destination of choice for millions of would-be migrants.

TPP - A dead deal?

World Highlights

ISTANBUL (Turkey) • In just six minutes, the cold-blooded gunman fired 180 rounds from his AK-47, killing 39 people and wounding more than 68 before melting into the night.


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