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My husband and I shared a good laugh the other night when I showed him a picture online that claimed to encapsulate marital bliss.
Before they turned 12, brothers Teo Keane and Teo Zern already understood financial concepts such as fixed and variable expenses, income and interest, thanks to their mother, Madam Lum Yin Peng, 44, who made it a point to teach the boys about money.
Clutching our game cards, our family of four sank into a chinoiserie couch at the Lotus Lounge.
With the Christmas season upon us, 'tis the season for giving and receiving presents, along with some reminders that what our children want from us, more than presents, is our presence.
It is no longer that uncommon for dad to serve as the main cook in the family. Some fathers cook through the week simply because they love it. Others do it because they want to share the household chores with their spouses. Then there are the stay-home dads, who do it as part of their work at home.
For a family of private investigators, going abroad for work can result in hairy situations. When they were probing a case of financial fraud in Kunming, China, five years ago, Ms Sheila Ponnosamy, operations director for Mainguard International and Mainguard Security Services, which were founded by her father, recalls how her "so-called clients" showed their menacing true colours.
When former model and actress Lum May Yee gave birth to her second child five weeks early, she counted herself lucky that Kinley, her premature baby, was healthy.
A friend threw a lovely Thanksgiving dinner for us recently because she figured it would be harder to get the usual gang together over Christmas.