Friday, Jul 25, 2014Friday, Jul 25, 2014
Even though his two young daughters beg to eat schlopp (an ice cream topped with a cherry), point out sneetches (bird-like creatures that live on beaches) and ask about a quimney (a creature that dwells in the chimney), research analyst Manish Kaul does not stop them from reading popular children's writer Dr Seuss' books, which contain all those words that do not exist in the English language.
On almost any given weekend, I can be found at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with my wife and two daughters.
Until last week, I hadn't realised that a significant number of first-time parents feel depressed after their baby comes along.
Much to her parents' chagrin, polytechnic student Tracy Goh favours cropped tops and form-fitting pants, just like how the cool kids in school dress.
I felt the first pricks of doubt as a few of us mums shared our holiday plans. 
When strangers coo compliments over the permed hairdos and pedicures of five-year-old Angeline and seven-yearold Christine, the sisters smile shyly and say "thank you".
When 17-year-old Jamie Lim flies to Canada to enter university in September, her mother and elder sister will be with her each step of the way.
When archaeology PhD student Noel Hidalgo Tan announced in 2005 that he wanted to study rock art, his bemused parents turned to Google.