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Among the squabbles my wife and I have over our two daughters, there is a kind that takes us on the trail of the girls' misbehaviour, over the rocky roads of my wife's murderous glares and voice-of-doom tirades directed at them, slowed down by my hapless pleas for a truce between mother and daughter(s), before coming to an almost abrupt end with my wife declaring: "I'm a teacher, I know how to discipline misbehaving children."
When 12-year-old Kyra Poh decided earlier this year to go from indoor skydiving to actual skydiving from a plane thousands of metres up in the sky, her father was shocked and did not approve of it.
When Ms Nadine Soh, 29, was thinking of a boy's name for her first child in 2009, she was attracted to popular names such as Jayden and Caden. "They sound really nice but they are a bit common, so I decided to throw a 'z' in," says the housewife.
Thanks to the needle-nosed Phineas Flynn and his Disney Channel sidekick, Ferb, my children knew exactly what to expect of school when we moved to America.
From the age of eight, Ms Liana Azman has had to take care of herself while her mother, in the wake of a divorce, worked long hours to provide for the family.
On most days, my copy of The Straits Times at home is little more than dog-eared. But on a good day - which happens mostly on the weekends - it ends up in a mess.
What do you call a miniature ferris wheel powered by solar energy? The Singapore Fryer.
Andy Lin and his wife Sidney live in one room with a three- year-old daughter and a 11/2- year-old son. Another baby is due in October.