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When national silat athlete Mira Azman suffered a serious knee injury two years ago, she got bored refraining from strenuous sporting activity and turned to something altogether different - modelling.
It was a poignant moment. Vin Diesel, in the shape of an anthropomorphic tree, was weaving a protective nest of twigs around the Guardians of the Galaxy in an act of self-sacrifice.
Unlike many parents who are quick to praise their children, Ms Lai Yuin Yuin thought her five-year-old son Reynard was "just like any other normal kid". "I would not praise him all the time," says the 37-year-old senior assistant administrative executive.
When real estate agency owner Christopher Pang's wife, Julie, went for a holiday in Vietnam recently, he looked after their three young sons on his own.
Among the squabbles my wife and I have over our two daughters, there is a kind that takes us on the trail of the girls' misbehaviour, over the rocky roads of my wife's murderous glares and voice-of-doom tirades directed at them, slowed down by my hapless pleas for a truce between mother and daughter(s), before coming to an almost abrupt end with my wife declaring: "I'm a teacher, I know how to discipline misbehaving children."
When 12-year-old Kyra Poh decided earlier this year to go from indoor skydiving to actual skydiving from a plane thousands of metres up in the sky, her father was shocked and did not approve of it.
When Ms Nadine Soh, 29, was thinking of a boy's name for her first child in 2009, she was attracted to popular names such as Jayden and Caden. "They sound really nice but they are a bit common, so I decided to throw a 'z' in," says the housewife.
Thanks to the needle-nosed Phineas Flynn and his Disney Channel sidekick, Ferb, my children knew exactly what to expect of school when we moved to America.