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Asking her neighbours for help to look after her children never crossed Ms Bliss Tan's mind - not even when her younger son suddenly had an attack of food poisoning.
Instead of taking on full-time work, Madam Leow Gwek Lang, 54, has opted for two part-time jobs. This is so she can better work around the needs of her elder son, champion sailor Jovin Tan, who was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects movement, muscle tone and motor skills.
"Oscar!" yells the coach. Seven little kids run on the spot, flashing their twinkle toes.
For Ms Zoe Chu, weepy clients are part of her job scope. "Some are in tears when they see me because they've been so sleep-deprived and exhausted. They really can't get their children to sleep," she says. The 35-year-old describes herself as a baby and child sleep expert and parenting coach.
Miss World Singapore Dalreena Poonam Gill Ganesan is a "vainpot", says her mother, housewife Sheela Ganesan Raj Gill, 41. The beauty queen agrees.
Sarah, my younger daughter, had the most amazing, elaborate dream recently. In great detail, she recounted an adventure that involved her classmates, and they went to all kinds of places, performed all kinds of tasks and said all kinds of things.
People thought Kat, 17, was being an "emo" teenager, but the truth was far more complicated. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with depression.
Mr Robert Ng, 66, says he has no affinity for animals, unlike his son Louis Ng, founder and executive director of animal welfare group Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (Acres).