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Parents who support their children's sporting pursuits can sometimes navigate tricky terrain.
Mr Alan Koh, 32, the recently appointed director of the Affordable Art Fair, made his parents unhappy when he dropped out of St Joseph's Institution after Secondary 3.
Print production manager Samantha See, 32, used to have to shout and scream at her two school-going sons "countless times" every day to get them to do their homework. Her sons are aged nine and six.
It's a truth universally acknowledged that, if you've had unprotected sex, homework never ends. No sooner have you slogged through primary, secondary, college and grad school, then you're looming over your kids, making sure they're doing theirs.
When Arthur Ho was three years old, he started Chinese lessons with a private tutor. In January this year, his mother, Rosie Ho, a Briton married to a Singaporean, started taking tuition with him to learn Chinese.
MIAMI (AFP) - Children who are told they are special by their parents are more likely to become narcissists, according to a study Monday that aimed to uncover the origins of extreme selfishness.
One of the benefits of secondary schooling is that it forces overprotective parents to loosen the reins on their children.
When Montfort Secondary School normal academic student Eidren Loy emerged second in the school's academic ranking last year, he did not show any feeling.