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When Montfort Secondary School normal academic student Eidren Loy emerged second in the school's academic ranking last year, he did not show any feeling.
Life for me and my husband can get just that wee bit hard with a rambunctious five-year-old around, in that we are hard-pressed to find the time or space to catch up with each other on most days.
The requests started coming about a month ago. "Mama, can we put up some Chinese New Year decorations, please? Why don't we have any?" my son asked.
Three months after the birth of her first child in November 1994, Madam Siti Hawa Shaini found herself pregnant again.
When Ms Michelle Goh, 34, founded a dating agency, CompleteMe, in 2012, her parents did not fully embrace the idea. Her father, salesman Goh Chong Han, 68, says: "We're conservative. Marriage is a sensitive subject that we hardly discuss. Still, she had the guts to set up her own business."
Like many brides-to-be, civil servant Siti Faizah Abdul Latiff, 30, wanted to slim down for her wedding day.
By now, the annual parent-teacher day routine is familiar to most parents of primary-school-going children: One is shepherded from the principal's briefing in the hall to your child's classroom, where teachers give presentations about what to expect.
One of Mr Richard Hoon's favourite watches shows the time for three countries. As the 58-year-old chairman of the Centre for Fathering charity goes about his business here, he wants "to have a sense of the day unfolding" in Sweden and Australia, where two of his three daughters live.