Saturday, Apr 18, 2015Saturday, Apr 18, 2015
Is it really possible to put your baby to sleep with a piece of tissue paper?
The salesgirl at the department store had been eyeing my 11-month-old daughter for a while, so I knew it was only a matter of time before the question came.
BERLIN (AFP) - A 65-year-old Berlin woman who already has 13 children is pregnant again with quadruplets, German media reported on Sunday.
Adults often smilingly ask youngsters what they want to do when they grow up, hoping to be charmed by a precocious answer. It was, however, a question that caused anxiety for Ms Ng Mei Ling, 23, when she was younger.
Parents who support their children's sporting pursuits can sometimes navigate tricky terrain.
Mr Alan Koh, 32, the recently appointed director of the Affordable Art Fair, made his parents unhappy when he dropped out of St Joseph's Institution after Secondary 3.
Print production manager Samantha See, 32, used to have to shout and scream at her two school-going sons "countless times" every day to get them to do their homework. Her sons are aged nine and six.
It's a truth universally acknowledged that, if you've had unprotected sex, homework never ends. No sooner have you slogged through primary, secondary, college and grad school, then you're looming over your kids, making sure they're doing theirs.