Singapore's honest cabbies get bouquets online

Hongkong actor Chapman To's wallet (left) was returned to him by a cab driver in Singapore.
Hongkong actor Chapman To's wallet (left) was returned to him by a cab driver in Singapore. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/CLOVER FILMS

SINGAPORE - Honest taxi drivers in Singapore are in the spotlight again after Hong Kong actor Chapman To had his wallet returned to him by one during a recent stay.

"Encountered a good person doing a good deed in Singapore," wrote the 43-year-old To, known for his comedic roles, in Chinese on his Facebook page on Saturday morning.

"As I was about to turn in, the hotel manager called to inform me that the driver of the taxi which I was in was waiting downstairs with my wallet."

When To tried to tip the unidentified cabbie for his kind act, he refused, saying: "If I wanted money, why would I come back with your wallet? I could have just kept it for myself!"

An impressed To said he would donate the tip to charity instead, adding that there were many reasons to like a place, but its people is one of the most important.

His post has garnered more than 72,000 likes and 2,400 shares, with many netizens effusive in their praise of the driver.

Hear are three other incidents involving cabbies this year that will warm the cockles of your heart.

Honest cabby speaks to integrity of Singaporeans

A queue of taxis at Changi Airport. PHOTO: ST FILE

ST reader Kate Mitchell had left her wallet - which contained all her credit cards and hundreds of dollars of cash - in the cab, but the driver took it to the security booth at her apartment block.

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Cab driver goes the extra mile to find owner of bag left in his car

Transcab driver Oh Kim Beng. PHOTO: ST FILE

Transcab cabbie Oh Kim Beng knocked on the doors of more than 20 units at a condominium to find a 13-year-old boy who had left a bag in his vehicle. While he was unable to locate the teenager, the story had a happy ending.

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Taxi driver lends $20 to passenger with no money

Cabbie Lim Ee Teh (left) and actor Eden Ang. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Actor Eden Ang realised he had forgotten to bring his wallet when it was time to pay the fare, but not only did driver Lim Ee Teh allow Mr Ang to transfer the money, he also insisted on giving him $20 to get him through the day.

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