Honest cabby speaks to integrity of Singaporeans

A queue of taxis at Changi Airport in 2012.
A queue of taxis at Changi Airport in 2012. PHOTO: ST FILE

After a long flight from the United States lasting more than 22 hours, I caught a cab from Changi to my apartment in Nassim Road around midnight.

After paying and trying to juggle my many bags and suitcases, I left my wallet in the cab.

The kind cab driver took my wallet, containing all of my credit cards and hundreds of dollars in cash, of both US and Singapore currencies, to the security booth at my apartment block. 

It is unlikely that I would have had such luck in my home country, or in many of the other countries I have lived in or visited.

It really speaks to the integrity of this man and the Singaporean people.

Kate Mitchell (Ms)