Taxi driver who lent $20 to passenger with no money: "I'm embarrassed by all the fuss"

SINGAPORE - Online accolades are pouring in for a taxi driver who did actor Eden Ang a good turn.

"It's not every day a stranger changes your life," Mr Ang wrote on Facebook, of Mr Lim Ee Teh.

Mr Lim, 62, drove Mr Ang to an audition on Wednesday. He provided sweets in his car and gave Mr Ang a packet of tissue paper, the actor said in his post.

When time came to disembark, Mr Ang realised he did not bring his wallet. Not only did Mr Lim agree to let him transfer the cab fare to him, the friendly taxi driver insisted on giving Mr Ang $20 to get him through the day.

Mr Ang ended his Facebook post by thanking the driver: "Thank you Mr Lim (SHC2915L). You just inspired me in so many ways. I can only strive to be as generous and as professional of a person as you. Thank you so much for the help and thank you so much for teaching me about life."

Mr Ang's post was shared by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, who is now the Minister for Social and Family Development.

"Hope that we can be inspired. Every starfish counts," Mr Tan wrote.

Mr Lim was reluctant to be interviewed, and said he found the attention a little disconcerting.

He told The Straits Times: "I decided to lend $20 to Mr Ang because it was close to lunch time and he didn't have any money on him. It really isn't a big deal and I'm a little embarrassed by all the fuss."


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