Social media users share #stayhomesg ideas as Singapore goes into Covid-19 'circuit breaker' mode

Some people have taken to social media to share how they have been adapting to Singapore's "circuit breaker" measures. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Singapore's "circuit breaker" measures kicked in on Tuesday morning (April 7) as the Republic toughened its fight against the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

As non-essential workplaces and retail outlets shut their doors, how have people carried on with their daily lives while stuck at home? Some have taken to social media to share how they have been adapting to this new arrangement.

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Here's what people have been doing differently as they stay home.

1. The most important meal of the day

With commuting out of the way, social media users have found themselves with more time to whip up Instagram-worthy breakfasts in the morning.

Some of them, such as Instagram user mrsngcooking, chose to make a traditional breakfast of half-boiled eggs and toast. Others, however, turned to their cafe favourites, like avocado on sourdough.

2. Sharing their work set-ups

What goes into creating a conducive workspace at home? For many users, multi-monitor set-ups seem to be the way to go. Instagram user hirohiko_t, however, found some humour in the situation by sharing a photo of his son taking over his workstation to watch videos over lunch.

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3. Getting distracted by furry 'colleagues'

For some social media users, their furry "colleagues" have become a source of distraction instead. Instagram user thunderwanders shared a photo of her pet dog seated at her desk with headphones.

"Day 1 of circuit breaker: My current WFH situation," she wrote in her post, using the hashtag #workingdog.

4. Keeping fit by getting creative

Gyms and sports facilities may be closed, but some people have found ways to work up a sweat at home. These Instagram users shared their home workout routines, consisting of simple exercises like planking and push-ups.

OneFM 91.3 DJ Simon Lim even took his Instagram followers through an exercise move inspired by taekwondo.

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5. Dabbling in arts and crafts

Some people have found ways to keep their hands busy during this period by dabbling in arts and crafts. A few parents have also found such activities to be a fun and educational way to keep their children occupied while staying at home.

Some have also put their DIY skills towards a more practical purpose. Instagram user wabisabiandme, for example, posted a quick tutorial on how to create a mask using a scarf or bandana in just two minutes, without any sewing involved.

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