Suspects in Boon Lay slashing taken by police to site of attack, to be charged on Saturday

The duo were arrested on April 7 in Woodlands following a manhunt. ST PHOTOS: NG SOR LUAN

SINGAPORE - The suspects in a violent attack in Boon Lay Drive on Wednesday afternoon (April 6) were taken to inspect the incident site with the police on Friday.

The duo were arrested on Thursday afternoon in Woodlands following a manhunt after attackers armed with bread knives allegedly struck two men, aged 22 and 23, who were nearby for a wedding procession.

The two men are close friends of the groom, Mr Emmanuel Ravi, 26, whose wedding day was disrupted by the sudden attack near his home.

At around 4.15pm on Friday, the police arrived at the carpark of Block 177 Boon Lay Drive with the two suspects, who were ushered out of the police vehicle individually to inspect the site.

The suspects, age 19 and 20, whose arms and legs were restrained, walked with police investigators around various points of the estate as dozens of residents watched from behind the police tape.

The police said in a statement after the site visit that the two men will be charged in court on Saturday on two counts of voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons with common intention.

If found guilty, they can be jailed for life, fined and caned.

On Wednesday at 5pm, the police received multiple calls for assistance with reports that the two men had allegedly used bread knives to attack the two victims.

The men suffered multiple cuts to their heads and limbs and were taken to the hospital, police added. The suspects allegedly fled and disposed of their weapons before police arrived.

In an interview on Friday with The Straits Times, the bride, pre-school teacher Yuroshini Josephine, 25, said she and Mr Emmanuel were in the midst of their wedding ritual when her husband received a call that his friends were assaulted.

After her husband rushed down to tend to his injured friends, she said she refused to stay put and later headed down despite her family's urging her to remain home to follow their traditions.

She said: "Everyone was rushing up and down from the home. By right, I should not go down, but I wanted to see what was happening."

By the time she went down, the attackers were gone and the victims were loaded up into the ambulance.

She said: "We have been so affected over the past two days during our honeymoon, this was all we thought about. I am just relieved it didn't result in any deaths."

Mr Emmanuel told ST that the two victims, Mr Praveen Raj and Mr Saran Kumar, were close family friends. He heard that the attackers had an issue with them and went to his block to settle a score, but he was not sure what the problem was.

He added that he knew one of the alleged attackers but was not close to him.

Mr Emmanuel's mother, Madam Manvizhi, 50, said the two victims were "like sons" to her and had helped the family prepare for the wedding and host a bachelor party for her son earlier in the week.

She said Mr Praveen was still in hospital with around 12 cuts on his head, neck, arms and leg; one of his fingers was left dangling from the hand after the attack. It is understood that he will need to go through a few operations over the week.

Mr Saran, who has an 8cm gash on the side of his head, was discharged.

One of the two suspects being taken to the incident site by the police on April 8, 2022. ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN
One of the two suspects being taken to the incident site by the police on April 8, 2022. ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN

Madam Manvizhi said she was not aware of the attack till later as she had fainted during Wednesday's procession from exhaustion after preparing for the wedding.

She left the hospital at around 2pm and remained at home to rest, before the newly-wedded couple visited the home for the ritual after the wedding.

The family did not tell her of the attack until 6pm as she was still drowsy and they did not want to worry her, said the single-mother, adding that she is a former stroke patient.

She said: "I feel so bad and so disappointed. They came for the wedding and then this happened to them."

Footage circulating on social media showed two men wielding long-bladed weapons at a carpark. PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM JAMES/ROADS.SG/FACEBOOK, JALALUDDIN AKBAR/FACEBOOK
Blood stains are still visible at space No. 72 of the carpark. ST PHOTO: OSMOND CHIA

Boon Lay Drive residents have been on high alert since Wednesday's attack.

Madam Nirmala Subaramiam, 50, told her 11-year-old son that he must be accompanied by an adult when he leaves home.

The clinic manager said: "He comes back alone from school, I worry if there are these people around the neighbourhood."

Another resident, Ms Zuhrathul Zura, 31, said this was not the first slashing here and that police often ask residents to identify suspects involved in fights and drugs.

This is the latest in a spate of incidents involving blades, including a man armed with a knife who was shot dead by police in Bendeemer Road on March 23.

On March 14 alone, ST reported three blade-related incidents, including one where a man was arrested and later charged for allegedly swinging a sword at cars and pedestrians in Buangkok.

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The suspects in a violent attack at Boon Lay Drive on Wednesday afternoon (April 6) were taken to the incident site by the police on Friday. The duo were arrested on Thursday afternoon following a manhunt.

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