Coronavirus: Which countries have imposed travel restrictions?

People wearing masks in the transit area at Changi Airport Terminal 3, on Feb 14, 2020. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Many countries around the world have imposed travel restrictions in response to the coronavirus outbreak which has been spreading rapidly outside of China since January.

Here's a look at the list:

Countries Singaporeans should avoid

Singaporeans told to defer all travel overseas; all Singaporeans and residents returning to the country to serve a 14-day isolation period

• All new visitors with recent travel history to Italy, France, Spain, Germany, mainland China, South Korea and Iran will not be allowed entry or transit through Singapore. Singaporeans, residents and long-term pass holders who have been to these Covid-19-hit areas in the last 14 days will be allowed in, but will be issued a stay-home notice.

CHINA: Defer all travel to Hubei province and non-essential trips to the mainland

OTHER COUNTRIES: Defer all non-essential travel to Iran, northern Italy, Japan and South Korea

Among countries/regions restricting entry to or screening travellers from Singapore

INDIA: Avoid non-essential travel to Singapore; arrivals from Singapore will be screened

ISRAEL: Avoid non-essential travel to Singapore; ban on foreign nationals who have been in Singapore in last 14 days

KUWAIT: Avoid travel to Singapore; Kuwaiti citizens in Singapore to leave immediately

OMAN: Avoid travel to Singapore

QATAR: Avoid non-urgent travel to Singapore

SOUTH KOREA: Avoid travel to Singapore

THAILAND: Authorities recommend against travel to Singapore, two-week self-quarantine not mandatory but recommended for those coming from virus-hit countries

Among countries/regions that have barred/restricted travellers from other countries:

AUSTRALIA: 14-day self-isolation for all international travellers arriving in the country and ban on cruise ships from foreign ports for 30 days; ban on travellers from Italy, South Korea, Iran and China

BEIJING: All arrivals must spend two weeks at quarantine facilities; only those in "special circumstances" will be exempted

BHUTAN: Visitors with travel history to virus-hit countries may be quarantined for 14 days

BRITAIN: Avoid all travel to Hubei and non-essential trips anywhere; 14-day self-quarantine for visitors from South Korea and areas in Italy under lockdown

CANADA: Avoid all travel to Hubei and non-essential trips to China; exercise high degree of caution in South Korea

CHINA: Two-week quarantine for travellers who have been to France, Spain, Germany, United States, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark and Austria in past 14 days

DENMARK: Ban on all foreign nationals for a month from March 14

EGYPT: Ban on all flights from March 19

EL SALVADOR: Ban on all visitors; residents or diplomats who return to the country will be quarantined for 30 days

GERMANY: Border controls with Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Denmark

HONG KONG: Two-week quarantine for everyone entering the city

INDIA: Ban on travellers from whole of Europe, Britain, Turkey, Malaysia, Afghanistan and the Philippines; cancellation of all tourist visas from March 13; screening for all passengers arriving from China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan

INDONESIA: Ban on entry and transit of visitors who have in the past 14 days been to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Vatican City, Britain, Iran, China and South Korea's Daegu city and Gyeongsangbuk-do; from April, all travellers visiting Indonesia will have to obtain a health certificate from their home countries and a visa from authorities

IRAN: Ban on Chinese citizens entering country

IRAQ: Ban on travel to and from Iran; closure of only border crossing with Kuwait

ISRAEL: Ban on all foreign nationals who've been in China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong Macau, Japan, South Korea and Italy in last 14 days

JAPAN: 14-day quarantine on all travellers arriving from China and South Korea

MALAYSIA: Ban on all foreign visitors entering the country and Malaysian citizens barred from travelling abroad

MONGOLIA: Ban on all flights to and from Japan and South Korea until March 11

NEW ZEALAND: Ban on foreign nationals who have been in Iran and mainland China in last 14 days; 14-day self-isolation for all international visitors

OMAN: Ban on all non-Gulf Cooperation Council citizens as of March 17

PHILIPPINES: Suspension of all travel to and from Luzon and Metro Manila; travel ban on South Korea's North Gyeongsang province, all non-Filipinos from North Gyeongsang barred from entry

POLAND: Ban on all foreign nationals, 14-day quarantine for returning citizens

QATAR: Ban on all non-Qatari visitors for two weeks from March 18

SAUDI ARABIA: Suspension of all international flights for two weeks from March 15; suspensions on entry for pilgrims, and for tourists from countries where virus is a "danger"

SOUTH KOREA: Ban on all foreign nationals who have been in Hubei in last 14 days

THAILAND: Unwell travellers returning from virus-hit countries are advised to contact medical institutes to receive treatment or be isolated

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Tests conducted on travellers arriving from China, Italy, Lebanon, Thailand; suspension of flights from UAE to Iran, Bahrain and most of mainland China

UNITED STATES: Ban on foreign nationals who've been in mainland China or Iran in last 14 days; do not travel to China, reconsider visiting Mongolia due to travel restrictions in neighbouring China; avoid non-essential travel to South Korea; suspension of all travel from Europe for 30 days starting March 13

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