Coca-Cola Clear is the latest drink to join Japan's line-up of clear beverages

Coca-Cola has launched a clear Coke in Japan. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM NEWS.MYNAVI.JP

First there was clear milk tea. Then came clear coffee. Now the inevitable has happened.

Coca-Cola has launched a clear Coke in Japan.

Cashing in on the craze for all drinks transparent and low calorie in the country, Coca-Cola Clear is colourless, calorie free, and flavoured lightly with lemon.

The drink will be available from June 11, priced at 140 yen (S$1.69) for a 500ml bottle and 115 yen for a 280ml bottle.

Coca-Cola reportedly took a year to develop this new flavour for the Japanese market, where it has been launching a series of new products.

Late last month (May), the company introduced its first alcoholic drink in Japan. The three Lemon-Do flavours containing varying levels of alcohol are targeted at young women who enjoy drinking "chuhai" alcopops.

In April, the company also launched lemon Coca-Cola in frozen slushie packs for the summer season in Japan.

This is not the first time Coca-Cola has had a clear drink in its pantry of offerings. Following Pepsi's Crystal Pepsi drink launch in the 1990s, the beverage company introduced Tab Clear.

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