After clear milk tea, Asahi introduces transparent coffee in Japan

Drink company Asahi has released bottled "cafe latte flavoured water" in Japan. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM VIDEO

After transparent milk tea, it was only a matter of time before transparent coffee entered the beverage market.

Japan is at it again, after sending the Internet into a frenzy with the release of transparent milk tea last September and before that, transparent lemon tea.

Earlier this month, brewery and soft drink company Asahi released bottled "cafe latte flavoured water" in Japan.

The drink, officially named Asashi Clear Latte from Delicious Water, contains espresso extract, milk ingredient components and whey mineral concentrate.

But does it taste like coffee with milk? According to several online reviews, the consensus appears to be that the drink tastes similar to any other bottled coffee drinks.

While the flavour is milder than usual, Japanese news site SoraNews24 added that the drink has "an understated, semi-sweet bitterness" in the aftertaste.

Another Japanese media outlet, Grape, said the drink has a "rich consistency about on par with most iced coffee". However, it added that some may find it too diluted.

Asahi's latest product comes as Japan has been swamped by a recent trend of transparent sweet drinks, which are supposedly less sweet and contain fewer calories.

The drinks, which look like clear water, reportedly have an additional benefit of being useful in the Japanese workplace, as it allows employees to seem "more professional".

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