World's first frozen Coca-Cola slushie packs arrive in Japan

 Coca-cola Japan is releasing Lemon Coco-Cola in frozen slushie packs in Japan.
Coca-cola Japan is releasing Lemon Coco-Cola in frozen slushie packs in Japan.PHOTO: COCA-COLA JAPAN

Lemon Coca-Cola in frozen slushie packs sound like a great idea for Singapore's hot weather.

But you would have to go to Japan for this icy treat.

After eight years of research and more than 100 prototypes, Coca-Cola announced that it will be releasing the world's first frozen slushie packs in Japan on Monday (April 16).

Japanese news website SoraNews24 reported that the beverage giant's creative development team has come up with a resealable pouch packaging featuring lemon-flavoured frozen Coke as well as two Fanta flavours - lemon and grape.

These slushie packs will be sold in stores across Japan at 130 yen (S$1.60) each.

Coco-Cola's move comes after its lemon-flavoured Coke received lukewarm responses when the flavour was first released in 2005 and again in 2014.

This time, the company has promised consumers that the flavours chosen for its release will be a perfect fit for its frozen slushie pack.

Consumers will be able to achieve the desired crunch in their slushies by pressing on the packs, and SoraNews24 quoted the company as saying the drink will offer a "refreshing sherbet sensation".

This is not the first time Coca-Cola has surprised consumers with exclusive products and limited edition releases.

In 2016, it launched a self-freezing bottled drink in vending machines at 1,000 7-Eleven stores in Japan.

A regular bottle of coke magically turned into an icy, slushie-like texture after it is opened and held upside down.

Many Coca-Cola fans rushed to try out the unusual drink at their local stores as soon as the product was released.