Veteran actor Lau Dan avoids questions on actress Yang Mi, his former daughter-in-law

Lau Dan has not been keen to talk about Yang Mi after the divorce, but is happy to talk about his son and granddaughter. PHOTOS: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS, YANG MI/INSTAGRAM

Hong Kong veteran actor Lau Dan declined to answer questions on his former daughter-in-law, Chinese actress Yang Mi, after he was asked about her again by the media.

Lau's son, actor Hawick Lau, and Yang divorced in 2018 after five years of marriage. Their six-year-old daughter lives in Hong Kong, where she attends school and is being cared for by her paternal grandparents.

In a public event on Wednesday (Feb 3), the elder Lau said, "Next question", when he was asked by the media whether Yang, 34, will see his granddaughter for Chinese New Year.

The media pressed the 77-year-old further by asking whether Yang, who is based in China, has communicated with her daughter via video-conferencing.

The veteran actor, who is famous for acting in television serials such as A Kindred Spirit (1995 to 1999) and more recently Lo And Behold (2017 to present), then said: "Any more questions? No? Then goodbye."

Earlier in the interview, Lau said his son, 46, has returned to Hong Kong after completing his filming in China. The younger Lau will reunite with the family for Chinese New Year after completing his quarantine.

The elder Lau said he was uncertain how long his son will remain in Hong Kong, adding he was unaware of his son's working schedule.

Lau has not been keen to talk about his former daughter-in-law after the divorce, although he is happy to do so when it comes to his son and granddaughter.

Last October, he denied that his son would appear in a Chinese reality television show with his granddaughter after Hawick Lau denied that he had fallen out with Yang over their daughter.

Both Yang and Lau have been romantically to other celebrities after their divorce.

Yang has often been seen with Chinese actor Wei Daxun, but they have not confirmed if they are in a relationship. Hawick Lau was once romantically linked to Hong Kong actress Roxanne Tong, but she is now dating Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma.

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