Barbie Hsu's ex-husband breaks silence on her sudden remarriage

Barbie Hsu's ex-husband Wang Xiaofei said their divorce has nothing to do with anyone. PHOTO: WEIBO

BEIJING - Days after Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu announced her surprise marriage to South Korean musician DJ Koo, her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei has commented on Weibo.

Mr Wang, a Chinese businessman, said on Weibo that he had been receiving calls and text messages on the news, "disrupting his everyday life".

"I haven't responded because I don't want to occupy public resources with my private affairs," he said in a post on Saturday night (March 12).

"Our divorce has nothing to do with anyone. Everyone has started a new life and I wish Barbie Hsu happiness," said the 40-year-old.

He added that he was sorry that Chinese influencer-actress Zhang Yingying, 25, had been "slandered for so long" in online gossip which suggested that Zhang and Mr Wang had been having an affair.

News of Hsu's remarriage caused shock waves as the 45-year-old actress had announced her divorce from Mr Wang only in November 2021, after more than 10 years of marriage.

It was later revealed that she had rushed to marry the 52-year-old Koo, whose full name is Koo Jun-yup, so that he could travel from South Korea to visit her in Taiwan.

The two had reportedly been an item briefly in the late 1990s and had not seen each other in more than 20 years.

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