Measures under study to address parking issues

The Housing and Development Board has installed the Electronic Parking System (EPS) at the carparks mentioned by Madam Tan Muey Kia ("Parking system leads to noise nuisance") - Block 4, Boon Keng Road - and Mr Loong Chik Tong ("Solve double-parking problem at carpark"; both published in Forum Online on Sept 6) - neighbourhood centre near Block 145, Teck Whye Avenue - to address feedback on traffic congestion and illegal parking.

To alleviate illegal parking in Teck Whye, we have also deployed our service providers to step up enforcement on site during peak periods.

Residents and motorists have been supportive of these measures, which have helped to ease traffic congestion and improve the situation at both carparks.

To address Madam Tan's concern about noise generated whenever vehicles drive over the grating at the Boon Keng Road carpark, HDB has welded the grating and installed rubber pads to the grating to reduce the noise level.

We are unable to install the EPS at the locations suggested by Madam Tan and Mr Loong, due to site constraints.

We have informed both writers of the measures taken, as well as explained to them the reasons why these sites are unsuitable.

Nonetheless, we are studying further measures to better address their feedback, and will continue to update them on the outcome.

Eng Soh Seng

Director (Carparks)

Housing and Development Board