Parking system leads to noise nuisance

The Electronic Parking System (EPS) was implemented at a service road at Block 6, Boon Keng Road, on Aug 26, 2013.

Since then, whenever a motorist uses the road, his tyres would run over the drain covers, resulting in noise from the vibrations caused.

This, coupled with the engine noise and vehicle smoke, has become a big nuisance for residents living just 4m away, on the lower floors of the block.

It has wrecked our sleep and affected our quality of life.

For two years, we have written many letters to the authorities, and the Housing Board has said that it will monitor the noise level and carry out works if required.

However, the problem persists.

I hope the authorities can consider these suggestions to solve the problem.

First, move the EPS from the service road to the multi-storey carpark at Block 8.

Second, if the above cannot be done, change the traffic flow at the Block 6 service road so that motorists will not drive over the drain covers at the current EPS entrance.

Third, put up signs to remind motorists to drive slowly after the barrier arm is lifted to reduced engine noise.

The EPS should be installed at carpark entrances and not at service roads. Service roads should be free-flowing and free from obstructions.

We hope these problems will be solved and residents will have a healthier and quieter home environment.

Tan Muey Kia (Madam)