'Immoral, shameful and unacceptable': Taiwan blasts Carrie Lam's use of Taiwan as an excuse

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said in a press conference on June 15, 2019, that the Bill to allow extraditions to mainland China was put on hold. PHOTO: EPA-EFE

TAIPEI (DPA) - The Taiwan government on Saturday (June 15) said Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam's use of Taiwan as an excuse to suspend a controversial extradition Bill is unacceptable.

"Blaming Taiwan is immoral, shameful and unacceptable. Embrace democracy and stand on the right side of history!" Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu tweeted late Saturday.

Mrs Lam said on Saturday that the Bill to allow extraditions to mainland China was put on hold. She further explained that Taiwan had said it would never accept an amendment that would allow the extradition of Taiwanese suspects to China.

"I'm deeply upset by the assault on freedom and human rights in Hong Kong. Chief Executive Carrie Lam must listen to the people and take full responsibility," Mr Wu said.

Taiwan's presidential office spokesman Ting Yun-kung said late Saturday that it was unbelievable that Hong Kong was using Taiwan as an excuse to amend the Bill, which would violate human rights terribly. "We're unable to agree," Mr Ting said.

Mr Ting said Taiwan - which is a self-governing democracy - had shown its full support for the Hong Kong people's will to pursue freedom, democracy and human rights. He urged the Hong Kong authorities to listen to the protesters and respond to them sincerely.

To show support for the decision by Hong Kong residents to continue the protest on Sunday, Taiwan-based Hong Kong students and Taiwanese civic organisations will hold a rally in Taipei on the same afternoon in central Taipei.

They want to urge Hong the Kong government to eventually withdraw the controversial Bill.

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