While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, June 7


US pushes Mexico for more in talks over tariffs and border

Mexican and US officials resumed talks on trade and migration on Thursday, with the Trump administration resisting calls from US businesses and some Republican lawmakers to ease up on a plan to impose import tariffs on its southern neighbour.

Vice-President Mike Pence, who led an initial round of negotiations in Washington on Wednesday, said talks were positive but emphasised the White House still wants Mexico to commit to working harder to combat illegal immigration.

"We welcomed the efforts of the Mexican officials to offer solutions to the crisis at our southern border, but we need Mexico to do more," Pence said on Thursday.

He was echoing President Donald Trump, who said on Wednesday that "not nearly enough" progress was made in the first round of talks, and warned that the tariffs would go into effect on Monday if Mexico does not step up efforts to stem the flow of mostly Central American migrants heading for the US border.


'Shoddy' Huawei needs to raise its game, British cyber official says

China's Huawei Technologies needs to raise its "shoddy" security standards which fall below rivals, a senior British cyber security official said on Thursday, as the company comes under increasing pressure in the West.

The US has led allegations that Huawei's equipment can be used by Beijing for espionage operations, with Washington urging allies to bar the company from next-generation 5G networks.

British officials have also raised concerns about security issues but said they can manage the risks and have seen no evidence of spying. Huawei has repeatedly denied the allegations against it.


Nepal waits for relatives to claim bodies brought down from Mount Everest

Nepal on Thursday urged friends and families of four climbers whose bodies were brought down from Mount Everest to come forward and identify them, as the deadliest climbing season since 2015 came to an end.

The corpses, retrieved as part of a clean-up of the world's tallest mountain, lie unclaimed in a hospital morgue in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

It was not known who the four climbers are or when they died.


Singer R. Kelly pleads not guilty to 11 new sex crime charges

R&B star R. Kelly pleaded not guilty on Thursday in a Chicago courtroom to 11 new felony sex crime charges.

The charges were a refiling of one of the four cases of alleged abuse that prosecutors lodged against the singer earlier this year.

A grand jury last week increased the felony counts against the 52-year-old and upgraded some of the charges. He now faces five felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault.


Football: Nike 'very concerned' about rape accusation against Neymar

Nike is "very concerned" about a rape accusation against Brazilian soccer star Neymar, the world's largest sportswear maker said on Thursday, raising questions about its sponsorship of one of the sport's most famous players.

Neymar denies the allegation of rape and has said the woman was trying to extort him. The woman appeared on Brazilian TV on Wednesday and said Neymar raped her in a Paris hotel.

Mastercard Inc also cancelled a planned ad campaign featuring the star of the Brazilian national team and French club Paris Saint-Germain, Brazilian media reported on Thursday.