GZERO VIDEO: Why 'America first' means 'America involved'

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NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) - Too few Americans believe that the US has a critical role in the world, and that the things Americans enjoy, from cheap goods to safe streets, are made possible because of American global leadership, according to international relations expert Tom Nichols.

Mr Nichols makes these remarks in the latest GZERO video in a conversation with American political scientist Ian Bremmer. The two discuss the tension over costs and benefits of the US occupying a prominent role in global foreign policy.

This episode is being aired as President Joe Biden's administration completes 100 days in office during which several significant foreign policy moves were made.

"Americans have become so spoiled and inured to the idea that the world is a dangerous place that they don't understand that the seas are navigable because someone makes them that way," says Mr Nichols.

"They don't understand that peace between the great powers is not simply like the weather, that just happens. Someone actually there is an agent and group of agents, called diplomats and foreign policy experts that actually make it that way," he remarks.

Still, people's perception of US foreign policy is important, he notes.

This GZERO media video is being shown here as part of a media partnership agreement with The Straits Times.

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