GZERO VIDEO: The old US-led order is gone

NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) - The world is less likely to return to the old US-led global order and it turns out, America may not even want to. 

American foreign policy expert Ian Bremmer says that the US' interest in supporting an American-first unilateralist policy is eroding, due to ongoing domestic opposition, soaring unemployment rates and fewer gains from global allies.

"...American power internationally is also going to feel like it's getting less from allies, not more. I mean, Nato is not aligned towards dealing with China, but China is the principle concern," he said.

Mr Bremmer also noted that no matter who wins America's 2020 presidential elections, the old geopolitical order led by the US will be hindered by its reliance on alignment with countries around the world.

An example of this is the weakening transatlantic relationship that is debilitated by Euro-sceptic and anti-establishment sentiments across Europe.

"The UK, as you know, has already left the European Union making it weaker, and the European Union itself is under a lot more strain...there are existential questions that come from coronavirus as to whether the EU will even still be in place in three years time..."

On the other hand, technology firms in the US will be the big winners coming out of the coronavirus crisis as an overwhelming amount of tech firms dominating the global economy are American.

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