GZERO VIDEO: Trumpism will continue to have a political space in America

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NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) - Trumpism will still have political space and gravity and many will occupy it, says American political scientist Ian Bremmer.

Speaking after the violent storming of the Capitol by Mr Donald Trump's supporters on Jan 6, he says that the divisions in the US are getting worse and will keep becoming greater, as an equality of opportunity is not there for the masses.

"Trump, as Steve Bannon once said, is a vessel, a broken vessel, a flawed vessel, but for something much deeper, which is a feeling that the system is rigged against the average American."

Despite losing last year's Presidential elections and posing to be a threat to democracy, Mr Trump's influence over the voting base of the Republican Party will not go away easily, adds Mr Bremmer.

"He'll have access to billions of dollars and mass media and have dozens of millions of direct followers that will continue to prepare to listen to him," he said.

"...even though Joe Biden has the instinct to reach out across the aisle and across the divide in his own Democratic party, decades of a country and a political system that makes the average American feel like it is rigged against them, creates a massive amount of antiestablishment sentiment...and in its ultimate level, you get violence."

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