GZERO VIDEO: The Taleban don’t have a plan to run Afghanistan, says activist

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NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) - The Taleban have taken over Afghanistan militarily, but they have yet to show they can also govern, says Pashtana Durrani, an Afghan teacher and women's rights activist.

Speaking with US political scientist Ian Bremmer, she says that public offices are currently paralysed, as technocrat directorates are being replaced with military personnel who are unable to handle public policy.

"If they (the Taleban) had a plan, if they wanted to run the country, they could have made sure that they have a plan in place, they have a mechanism in place. And they don't. They don't have a plan or policy to move further with it," said Ms Durrani.

The Taleban, a hardline Islamist group, seized control of Afghanistan after US President Joe Biden announced a pullout of US forces by next month.

Since then, thousands have crowded Kabul's airport in hopes of securing flights out of the country.

Ms Durrani says that despite the Taleban's promises of peace, what they promise and how they act are two different things.

Many women doubt the militant group's proclamations that this time women's rights will be protected under the framework of Islam.

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