GZERO VIDEO: How 'President Biden' could reshape US foreign policy

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NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) - Should he win the Nov 3 US election, presidential candidate Joe Biden's top priority would be to announce that America is back on the front lines of alliances, said Ms Anne-Marie Slaughter, who served as a top State Department official under President Barack Obama.

Speaking with American foreign policy expert Ian Bremmer on the GZERO Media video show, she said that beyond that, Mr Biden would also focus on domestic renewal.

When asked about Mr Biden's foreign policy towards global health initiatives, Ms Slaughter, who is also the CEO of think-tank New America, said that a Biden presidency will be a radical departure from the Trump administration.

"We will rejoin the WHO. We will certainly join the Covax initiative. We will once again be actively participating in global efforts because... Biden certainly understands that to be absent from the field is really to leave the field to China and other nations who have very different views than ours."

On China, Ms Slaughter said that President Biden will have a tougher stance on the country than Democrats have been in the past.

"I hope that the Biden administration will be more nuanced. I think they will understand that there are ways to communicate, to cooperate with China on issues like global health or climate change or even some norms regulating the Internet."

She added that the US must establish clear lines about where China can legitimately pursue its interests, and that America and its allies must be clear that it will not sit by in areas such as in the South China Sea, trade, intellectual property and technological competition.

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