GZERO VIDEO: Biden has a 'humbled' sense of what US has to offer, says biographer

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NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) - President-elect Joe Biden has a humbled sense not only of what US democracy looks like internationally, but also what the US has to offer, says Biden biographer Evan Osnos.

Speaking with American foreign policy expert Ian Bremmer, Mr Osnos says that Mr Biden is a humbled man at this point in his life, and is coming into office at a moment when the United States should be humble too.

"Here we are flat on our backs with the Covid-19 epidemic... and he has to go out into the world and say 'Yes. We have made terrible mistakes in our recent past, but there are things that we can do... and we plan to return to the world community."

In early November, the US became the first nation worldwide since the pandemic began to surpass 10 million coronavirus infections, according to a Reuters tally.

Having recently published his book, Joe Biden: The Life, the Run, and What Matters Now, Mr Osnos is also a staff writer for The New Yorker covering politics and foreign affairs.

On China, he says that Mr Biden believes that the country has made mistakes in its own foreign policy and in its relationship with its neighbours.

"If you look around the G7...it has some serious problems. And I think that's a hint about how he sees the Unites States leveraging that moment to refortify our own relationships and to isolate China."

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