askST: How do I activate SingPass 2FA if I do not have a mobile phone?

Readers Ravindran Kelappan and Teo Chiew Heng wanted to know how to sign up for SingPass new two-factor authentication (2FA) without a mobile number.

Mr Teo said: "My mother-in-law does not own a handphone and we have no spare mobile number for 2FA. Is there any other method for her to continue using existing Singpass to login."

Tech editor Irene Tham answered.

First, consider whether you need to use SingPass. If you do not need to use SingPass to access e-government services such as paying carpark fines or filing income tax returns, then you probably do not need to sign up for the 2FA.

If you do need e-government services, even without a mobile phone, you can use the OneKey token option.

Log on to your SingPass account and click "Set Up 2-Step Verification (2FA) under the Quick Links section. Choose "Verification by OneKey token".

A token as well as a PIN mailer will be sent separately to your registered address within seven days and you can use the token to activate 2FA.

The original deadline of July 4 has been extended by a month to allow users more time to sign up for the 2FA but the Infocomm Development Authority has said the deadline will not be extended forever due to security concerns.

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