Hot Bods

Yazid Saadon (left) and Farhanah Ismail
Yazid Saadon (left) and Farhanah IsmailST PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

Yazid Saadon, 39

Personal trainer

Height: 1.75m Weight: 87kg

Exercise regimen: I train almost every day, except on weekends, depending on my schedule. I train each muscle group twice a week.

Diet: I eat six to seven meals daily and pack my own meals to work. During the off-season, I am not too strict with my diet but will always keep it balanced. I also make sure my body fat percentage is not too high.

Farhanah Ismail, 22

Fitness professional

Height: 1.60m Weight: 62kg

Exercise regimen: I work out five times a week, focusing on different muscle groups each time. It is a split of glutes and hamstrings, chest, back, quads, shoulders and arms. I usually work out in the afternoon, around one to two hours.

Diet: My diet is simple. Three meals a day. Breakfast is proats (protein and oats). Lunch and dinner is rice and chicken breast. I try to drink lots of mineral water every day instead of sugary drinks.

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