#GameOfTwoHalves Podcast: Breaking at the Olympics and the Singapore scene

SEA Games 2019 bronze medalist b-boy Jeremy Sim is pictured here as this week's #GameOfTwoHalves sports podcast talks about breaking, that will be included at the Olympics in Paris 2024. ST PHOTO: SHINTARO TAY
In this week's #GameOfTwoHalves podcast, we talk about the breakdancing scene in Singapore and how breakdancing has been given a huge boost after getting included for the events at the Olympics in Paris 2024. PHOTO: AFP

#GameOfTwoHalves Ep 114: Breaking at the Olympics and the Singapore scene; EPL wrap

19:29 mins

Synopsis: Every Tuesday, The Straits Times tackles the biggest sports talking points.

Money FM's Adrian Abraham talks to ST sports correspondents Sazali Abdul Aziz and David Lee, and sports broadcaster Shehzad Haque, as they talk about North London clubs Spurs and Arsenal slipping up again, while Manchester United and Liverpool celebrate high-scoring wins.

Abraham, Sazali and Lee also talk about breaking, or breakdancing as known to some, which was given a huge boost when the International Olympic Committee included it, alongside surfing, skateboarding and sports climbing, as events to be included at the Olympics in Paris 2024.

They discuss the following:

1. Where has it gone wrong for Arsenal and Spurs? (1:18)

2. Why Man United's title bid could be a "mirage" (6:06)

3. The Red Devils' underrated straight shooter (8:58)

4. The breaking scene in Singapore (12:26)

5. Should breaking be considered a sport? (14:44)

Produced by: Sazali Abdul Aziz (msazali@sph.com.sg) & Adrian Abraham (matta@sph.com.sg)

Edited by: Adrian Abraham and Muhammad Firmann

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