askST: Do drivers need to produce other documents now that road tax discs will be phased out?

A reader asked why it is still compulsory to display road tax discs when everything is now electronic? Senior Transport Correspondent Christopher Tan replies.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) embarked on a plan some 15 years ago to roll out its so-called vehicle registration and licensing (VRL) system which tracks all vehicles virtually from registration to deregistration. It was supposed to allow us to go completely paperless.

But up to today, motorists are still required to display the road tax disc. One reason given in Parliament recently was that the Malaysian authorities still rely on the road tax disc to ascertain the legitimacy of Singapore vehicles in Malaysia.

The LTA, however, announced on Monday (Aug 29) that it will stop issuing road tax discs from Feb 15, 2017. From then, motorists will no longer be required to display the road tax disc.

But those driving or riding to Malaysia are still advised to bring along a print-out of the road tax - just in case they are stopped and the Malaysian authorities require proof of registration.

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