Tin Pei Ling gives birth to second son, says will be back in action soon after recuperating

Ms Tin Pei Ling announced in a Facebook post that she gave birth to her second son on Sept 25, 2018.
Ms Tin Pei Ling announced in a Facebook post that she gave birth to her second son on Sept 25, 2018.PHOTO: FACEBOOK/TIN PEI LING

SINGAPORE - Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling gave birth to her second son on Tuesday (Sept 25).

In a Facebook post announcing the news on the same day, Ms Tin, 34, uploaded a photo of her with her newborn son. She said her labour started after her weekly Meet-the-People session (MPS) on Monday night.

The MacPherson single-member constituency MP said: "Dear friends... thank you for your support and well wishes.

"While I take some time to recuperate and hope to (be) back in action soon, my team will continue supporting me in our weekly MPS and community work."

She assured residents that it will be business as usual, and asked for patience from those waiting for her response to e-mails and messages.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong congratulated Ms Tin on the birth of her second child in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

PM Lee said that Ms Tin has worked hard for MacPherson residents and she even went into labour right after her Meet-the-People (MPS) session.

"Now that the little one has arrived, I hope that you will allow yourself time to recuperate and bond with your newborn son," he said. 

"It is good that our young MPs are so productive," he added. 

Ms Tin, who has been in politics for seven years, earlier announced her pregnancy in March in a Facebook post.

She told The Straits Times then that motherhood has expanded the scope of issues that she cares about and it has allowed her to appreciate challenges that young parents face.


Ms Tin entered politics with the 2011 General Election and won the single seat in MacPherson constituency in 2015, which was also the same year she became pregnant with her first child.

She was then the third MP to give birth while in office, after former Punggol East MP Lee Li Lian, who gave birth to her firstborn in 2014, and Senior Minister of State Sim Ann, who had her third child in 2011.