Singer Taufik Batisah appeals for help for relatives 'trapped' in Lebanon, MFA rendering consular assistance

In a Facebook post on June 3, 2019, singer Taufik Batisah (left) said his niece Hana (right) and her mother were "trapped" in Lebanon.
In a Facebook post on June 3, 2019, singer Taufik Batisah (left) said his niece Hana (right) and her mother were "trapped" in Lebanon.PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM TAUFIK BATISAH/FACEBOOK, MOHAMED ISMAIL/GOGETFUNDING

SINGAPORE - Home-grown singer Taufik Batisah's cousin and her daughter are "trapped" in Lebanon and are unable to return to Singapore, said the artist in a Facebook post and video on Monday (June 3).

His post appealed for help as he said that his Singaporean relatives, Madam Nur, and her daughter, Hana, needed more funds to seek legal help as well as for other expenses in their attempt to come back to Singapore.

Taufik said Hana's father is Lebanese and is believed to be in Australia.

The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and its Honorary Consulate General in Lebanon are aware of the case, an MFA spokesman told The Straits Times.

The MFA has been in touch with Madam Nur and her family and has been rendering consular assistance to them.

Taufik directed his followers to a GoGetFunding fund-raising website, which was started by Mr Mohamed Ismail, the father of Madam Nur.

The campaign description said that Madam Nur and Hana went to Lebanon in 2017 to visit Hana's grandparents under instruction from her father.


Later on, they found that a travel ban had been issued on Hana, preventing her from leaving Lebanon, according to the website.

Madam Nur was forced to leave Lebanon without her child, who was then about eight months old.

In 2018, Lebanese court lifted the travel ban on Hana and awarded Madam Nur with full custody of her child.

Madam Nur went back to Lebanon in June 2018 and was reunited with her daughter.

"Just as we thought the nightmare (was) finally over, (Hana's father's) family executed another charge against (Madam Nur)," alleged the post on the GoGetFunding website.

Taufik said that his family had tried through various ways to bring the pair back home safely, but each time they tried, their "hopes were destroyed as fresh accusations were fabricated to prevent them from leaving the country".

He said that the latest charge against Madam Nur was that she had kidnapped Hana, and Madam Nur was now subject to a travel ban.

As of noon on Wednesday, more than $30,000 had been donated to the fund-raising campaign out of its $50,000 goal.

The latest campaign update by Mr Ismail said: "We are humbled by your kind generosity and we truly appreciate your continuous support in this campaign."