Public start choosing their favourite design for Founders' Memorial

A roving exhibition has 3D models of the five shortlisted designs for the Founders' Memorial.
A roving exhibition has 3D models of the five shortlisted designs for the Founders' Memorial.ST PHOTO: JASON QUAH

SINGAPORE - Members of the public have started voting for their favourite design for the Founders' Memorial at the Level 2 atrium of IMM in Jurong East.

A roving exhibition has 3D models of the five shortlisted designs, along with short video clips and information panels explaining the concepts behind each one.

It also features a mural depicting scenes from Singapore's defining moments in its founding history, such as the balloting of Housing Board flats in Toa Payoh in 1966.

The exhibition opened at the Level 2 atrium of IMM in Jurong East on Monday (Nov 4) and runs there until Nov 10 before travelling to various locations across Singapore until Dec 29.

The Founders' Memorial, which honours Singapore's pioneer leaders, is slated to open in 2027 on a 5ha site in Bay East Garden in the Marina Bay area.

Culture, Community and Youth Minister Grace Fu, who attended the exhibition's opening ceremony on Monday, said the roving exhibition aimed to involve as many Singaporeans as possible in the selection process.

"The Memorial will be an important place for us in the future; it's going to be a place where Singaporeans can come together to reflect on the values that have propelled us to be what we are today," she added.

Founders' Memorial Committee chairman Lee Tzu Yang said: "Public feedback will tell us what people liked about each design, how they'll use it, what fears they may have about using it, such as accessibility.

"So that'll help us choose or, perhaps, modify the final choice to make it more successful."

Members of the public vote for their preferred design after viewing 3D models of the five shortlisted Founders’ Memorial designs at the Level 2 atrium of IMM in Jurong East. ST PHOTO: JASON QUAH

Retiree George Lee, 58, voted for Cox Architecture and architects61's Singapore flag-inspired design because he liked its sculptural look.

"It's good for the younger generation to know their history and where they've come from. I hope they put in good exhibitions that tell of Singapore's history to teach the children," he said.

Mr Martin Danzer, 56, an associate professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS)'s Division of Industrial Design, made a special trip to IMM on Monday to see the designs.

He said: "They are all impressive architecture statements. Typically, a memorial is linked to statues but in these designs, a building is the memorial and it'll be more like a museum. It'll be interesting to see how this will be differentiated from a museum or a concert hall."


Primary school pupil Eunice Tan, who was in the mall for lunch with her parents, said she liked the greenery that came with the designs and found DP Architects' curved option to be the most interesting.

"It looks like a Viking roller-coaster ride at the theme park and I like heights so I think I will be very happy when I stand on top of the building," said 10-year-old Eunice, a Primary 4 student at Methodist Girls' School.

The exhibition's next stop will be the community plaza in Kampung Admiralty by Admiralty MRT station from Nov 11 to 17.

Singaporeans can vote for their favourite design on until the end of December.

The winning design will be announced in the first quarter of next year with construction expected to start from 2021.