Primary 1 registration guide: What parents need to know for online exercise

The Primary 1 registration exercise at Guangyang Primary School in 2018.
The Primary 1 registration exercise at Guangyang Primary School in 2018. ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN

SINGAPORE - The Primary 1 registration exercise will be carried out entirely online for the second consecutive year amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The Straits Times has put together a guide to help parents start their children's primary school journey.

Is a ballot likely?

There are 41,888 places available at 181 primary schools for this exercise.

Considering that 37,861 children were born in Singapore in 2015, every child will get a place in one of the schools.

However, some schools are likely to be oversubscribed at each phase.

Last year, 19 schools had more than half of their places filled by the end of Phase 1.

Princess Elizabeth Primary School topped the list, with 60 per cent of its places filled. Out of 200 spots, 120 were taken.

Other schools with over half of their available P1 spots already filled included Nan Hua Primary, Radin Mas Primary, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary, Rosyth School and Rulang Primary.

In Phase 2(A)(1), ballots were conducted at four popular schools. These were: CHIJ St Nicholas Girls (Primary), Nan Hua Primary, Rosyth School and Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary.

Phase 2(A)(2) saw even more balloting, with 14 schools oversubscribed. These included Ai Tong School, Gongshang Primary, Temasek Primary and Westwood Primary.

In Phase 2(B), the fourth phase, 22 schools were oversubscribed, including Fairfield Methodist (Primary), Holy Innocents' Primary, Nanyang Primary, CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary.

Phase 2C saw 99 schools conducting ballots, including Princess Elizabeth Primary, Temasek Primary and West Spring Primary.

The mode for online registration depends on the phase at which parents are applying. Those applying under Phase 1 will be given instructions directly by primary schools.

For Phases 2A(1), 2A(2) and 2B, registration is done through an online form on the Ministry of Education (MOE) website.

Phases 2C and 2C (Supplementary) will use MOE's Primary One Internet System, a guide for which can be found on MOE's website.

Information parents need for registration:

- Child's full name

- Child's birth certificate number

- Child's date of birth

- Address used for registration

- E-mail address

- Contact details

Parents may need to upload a soft copy of the back of both parents' NRICs and/or the court order setting out the custody arrangement of the child during registration.

After the P1 registration exercise, parents will be required to show the school their child's immunisation records on reporting day.

Additional documents, such as proof of the parents' alumni status, may be requested by schools, depending on the phase.

Tips for parents

1. Location is important. Parents should pick a school relatively near to where they live to reduce travelling time for their child. Parents can search for primary schools near them using the MOE's SchoolFinder tool.

2. Does the child have a specific talent or interest? Look out for niche sports or other activities that schools may offer. This information is available on each school's website and can also be searched for through the SchoolFinder tool.

3. Find out if the school is likely to be oversubscribed, thus resulting in balloting. Parents can use tools like ST's Primary 1 registration graphics site to see if there has been, historically, balloting for places at the school of their choice.

4. Parents can register their children in only one school at any phase. Multiple applications will not be accepted.

Phases and key dates

Phase 1

For children with older siblings currently enrolled in the school of their choice.

Starts at 9am on Wednesday (June 30) and ends at 4.30pm on Thursday.

Phase 2A(1)

For children whose parents are alumni or members of the school's advisory or management committee.

Opens from 9am to 4.30pm on July 7

Results: July 13

Phase 2(A)(2)

For parents who are alumni or who have another child who is an alumnus, parents who are members of staff at the school, or children who are in the MOE kindergarten located in the chosen primary school.

Opens at 9am on July 14 and closes at 4.30pm on July 15

Results: July 23

Phase 2B

For parents who are volunteers at the school, those endorsed by the church or clan directly connected to the school and those endorsed as active community leaders.

Opens at 9am on July 26 and closes at 4.30pm on July 27

Results: Aug 2

Phase 2C

For eligible children who have not yet got a place in a primary school.

Opens at 9am on Aug 3 and closes at 4.30pm on Aug 5.

Results: Aug 17.

Phase 2C (Supplementary)

For those who did not register in Phase 2C.

Opens at 9am on Aug 19 and closes at 4.30pm on Aug 20

Results: Aug 31

MOE will notify parents of the results via SMS.

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