POSB puts its own spin on the Great Singapore Workout in a fun video

SINGAPORE - Some actions here have become synonymous with Singapore, like the flipping of a prata, the spreading of kaya, and most recently, the snapping of selfies in public places.

Separately, they may not seem like much, but together, they make a rather entertaining "exercise" routine. Inspired by the Great Singapore Workout of the 1990s, local bank POSB released a video of its own spin on the routine, and named it "The Neighbourhood Workout".

The workout consists of six moves - selfie snap, prata flip, kaya spread, shopping bag drag, MRT squeeze and bus balance. The video shows people performing the moves in different parts of Singapore, such as at a lift landing, in a corridor and at a hawker centre.

POSB uploaded the video on its Facebook page on July 27, and by Friday (Aug 7), the video had received more than 100,000 views. Most netizens found the video entertaining.

"It's not a workout, more like dance moves. But I love it! Amazing initiative," wrote Joyce Alvie Bibby.

Another netizen, Clara Tan, wrote: "Thought it will be cheesy but it looks so fun!" Others called it fun and creative.