PM Lee hits 1m Facebook likes: 5 other Singapore personalities who have hit the milestone

Mr Lee's Facebook crossed the mark on Wednesday (Feb 17) evening and had 1,007,587 likes as at 9am on Thursday.
Mr Lee's Facebook crossed the mark on Wednesday (Feb 17) evening and had 1,007,587 likes as at 9am on Thursday.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM LEE HSIEN LOONG/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has become the first Singapore politician to hit 1 million likes on his Facebook page.

But Mr Lee, who started his page on April 20, 2012, is not the only Singaporean public figure to pass the milestone on the social media platform.

Here are five well-known personalities who have also amassed a substantial following.

1. Joseph Prince (3.17 million)


Mr Prince, 52, who founded New Creation Church with a few friends in a four-room HDB flat in 1984, is currently its senior pastor. He also hosts a religious television show that claims to have been seen in more than 200 countries.

At last count in October 2014, the megachurch reportedly had 31,000 members and is known as a fundraising powerhouse. It collected a record $21 million in donations in a single day in 2010, while its business arm, Rock Productions, owns and manages the $500 million, 5,000-seat Star Performing Arts Centre located in Buona Vista's Star Vista mall.

The charismatic Mr Prince told The Straits Times in a rare interview in 2008 that he had dabbled in the occult as a young man until "supernatural experiences" opened his eyes to Christianity.

2. Aaron Aziz (2.76 million)


The actor is a star name on both sides of the Causeway, and his social media following reflects that fact. Some 1.4 million people follow him on Instagram, while his Twitter account has about 1.91 million followers.

The 39-year-old started out on local screens, acting in shows like Heartlanders on Channel 5 and Cinta Bollywood on Suria. He moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2006 and eventually landed roles in blockbuster action movies like Evolusi KL Drift (2008) and KL Gangster (2011).

Despite having spent years away from Singapore, his popularity here has endured. He was named the Most Popular Actor (Singapore) at 2013's Social Star Awards, beating others like actress Fann Wong. The award was given out based on the online activity from fans on various social media platforms.

3. JJ Lin (2.62 million)


Having been hailed by no less than Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as a successful example of Singapore's bilingual policy, it's no surprise that JJ Lin has a formidable Facebook following.

The Mandopop singer has attracted fans across the region since the release of his first album in 2003, which won him a Best New Artiste award at the Golden Melody Awards in 2004. Despite international success, Lin hasn't forgotten his roots, singing last year's National Day theme song One Singapore during the parade on Aug 9.

His Facebook posts track his travels around the world as he meets other celebrities and records music. He posts videos too, with one of him joining a guitar-strumming street busker performing one of his songs in a Taipei mall going viral and making headlines.

4. Willy Foo (2.06 million)


Mr Foo is a "photographer, marketer, technopreneur" who has amassed more than 2 million likes on his Facebook page.

He is the chief executive of his photography business LiveStudios, which offers services such as live photo projection.

Mr Foo, who posts a mix of his work as well as links and videos from around the Internet, clued in on the power of Facebook since as early as 2009. He told The Straits Times then: "Our photos get much more visibility on Facebook than our blog. It's about going to the customer rather than waiting for them to visit your website."

5. DJ Tenashar (1.82 million)


DJ Tenashar, whose real name is Debbie Valerie Long, just last year became the second home-grown talent to be signed to music label Universal Music Singapore, The New Paper reported.

She shot to fame in 2013 when she was voted onto DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 list, becoming the first Singaporean to make the list, just four years after she started deejaying in 2009.

But critics have wondered if she made the list for her deejaying skills or her sexy image. Tenashar, who says she is in her 20s, has appeared in sexy poses on the cover of magazines like Playboy Thailand. Some claimed that she was named on the list because of a raunchy video she uploaded to help her campaign for votes.

To her critics, she said last year after signing for Universal: "(The naysayers) pushed me constantly to do my best and have helped me a lot in my business. I welcome the flak. With this (signing), they can eat their words."