PM Lee: S'pore will squarely address difficult issues

Singapore will squarely address the difficult issues of race, religion and fair play in society, as it refocuses on a future with Covid-19 under control. Building on the nation's racial harmony and ensuring that economic growth leaves no one behind were key themes of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's 17th National Day Rally.


Hurricane Ida roars towards Louisiana

Hurricane Ida gained power rapidly as it crossed the Gulf of Mexico on its way to smashing into the US state of Louisiana, threatening to unleash flooding and destruction in New Orleans. The Category 4 hurricane has top winds of 241kmh, the United States' National Hurricane Centre said yesterday.


Taleban to give safe passage to Americans after Aug 31: US official

The Biden administration expects the Taleban to continue allowing safe passage for Americans and others to leave Afghanistan after the US military withdrawal is completed this week, according to a top official. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said: "The Taleban (has) both communicated privately and publicly that (it) will allow for safe passage."


Improvement in tray returns at hawker centres

Three months after it became compulsory to clear trays and pick up table litter after eating at hawker centres, some of them are reporting an improvement in tray returns. But some diners still believe the job should fall solely on cleaners. Enforcement action for not returning trays and clearing table litter kicks in on Wednesday.


Ex-islanders talk of life away from the mainland

A heritage event, organised by non-profit organisation My Community, seeks to get people excited about local places and people and encourage them to seek out hidden gems. The Straits Times reports on two island tours, and speaks to some former residents of St John's Island about their way of life.


Parents pen tributes to special teachers

One teacher chose to see the best in a child when others did not; another patiently embraced a child's differences; and yet another instilled a love for the Chinese language in her pupils. Parents pen tributes on how some teachers made a difference to their children's lives ahead of Teachers' Day.

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