JTC building, where concrete block fell off a roof, and three nearby buildings found to be structurally safe

JTC Corporation cordoned off the area around an industrial building in Bedok Industrial Park E after parts of the concrete roof came crashing to the ground. ST PHOTO: GIN TAY
Cleaning of the incident area at 3013 Bedok Industrial Park E will end soon, JTC said. ST PHOTO: SYAMIL SAPARI

SINGAPORE - A professional engineer has found a JTC Corporation building, where parts of decorative features on a concrete roof crashed to the ground on Sunday (Aug 22), and three surrounding buildings to be structurally safe.

Permanent rectification works are still ongoing, but cleaning of the incident area at 3013 Bedok Industrial Park E will end soon, JTC said on Monday.

A JTC spokesman said that as a safety measure, the tenants in the affected wing of the building from levels one to four are still unable to return to their units during the cleaning and rectifying process.

Most of the tenants in the surrounding buildings are now able to return to work.

The engineer, who was engaged by JTC, has inspected the surrounding three buildings in addition to the main building and assessed that the structural integrity of all four has not been affected, said JTC.

JTC said on Sunday that investigations into the incident are ongoing.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said on Sunday that it had received a report and found that a block of concrete about 40m long had fallen from a height of four storeys.

No one was injured.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) said in a statement on Sunday that work was under way to remove some concrete pieces that were still dangling from the roof of the four-storey building.

BCA said it had asked JTC to get advice from a professional engineer on how to remove the dislodged concrete piece. The engineer would also recommend permanent rectification works and inspect three adjacent blocks with a similar concrete sunshade design.

Mr Alan Ong, one of the tenants affected, said he is not worried about the incident.

The director at signboard-making firm Gomotex Signcraft Studio, located on the first floor of the affected building, added: "I'm sure that they do their safety checks to make sure the buildings are safe. This building is a few decades old, so this kind of collapse is not too surprising."

Mr Ong, who is in his 50s, was at the building on Monday morning to check on the situation. He said JTC had asked affected tenants to stop operations temporarily.

Affected tenants have been told that they will be able to return to work in three to four days, said the JTC spokesman.

Mr Benedict Mong, 26, a tenant from a nearby building, was on his way home on Sunday when he saw the collapsed sunshade and alerted JTC at around 4am.

"I do feel concerned about this incident. If it happened during the day, the situation could have been more complicated as there would be more people around," said Mr Mong, the founder of car repair workshop HH MotorSports.

Previous reported incidents of concrete structures collapsing in buildings include the sunshade that fell from the fourth storey of Block 201E Tampines Street 21 in 2016.

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