Woodlands Checkpoint expansion, replacement flats for Marsiling residents: 5 key points

The expansion is needed to better alleviate traffic, and in anticipation of an increase in traffic volume. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

SINGAPORE - Nine Housing Board blocks in Marsiling Crescent/Lane will be acquired by the HDB to make way for a further expansion of the Woodlands Checkpoint.

The expansion is needed to better alleviate traffic, and in anticipation of an increase in traffic volume, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, HDB and Singapore Land Authority said in a press conference on Thursday (May 26).

Here are five things to know about the expansion:

1. Woodlands Checkpoint to be redeveloped

It will have greater automation and flexi-lanes, which can clear either cars or motorcycles. Travel time will be four times faster.

The expansion also aims to reduce congestion on roads surrounding the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine facility.

Security checks will be conducted away from the main parts of the checkpoint to mitigate security risks, such as vehicular improvised explosive device incidents.

The redeveloped Woodlands Checkpoint will have greater automation and flexi-lanes, which can either clear cars or motorcycles. Travel time will be four times faster. PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

2. New replacement flats in Woodlands Street 13

Blocks 210 to 218 Marsiling Crescent/Lane - comprising 732 sold flats and 53 rental flats, one rental kiosk, six rental shops and one rental eating house - will be acquired.

Residents will have to move out by the second quarter of 2028.

New replacement flats, with a fresh 99-year lease, will be located in Woodlands Street 13, about a 10-minute walk from Marsiling MRT station.

Construction of the replacement flats, comprising 1,103 units in five blocks of 23 to 24 storeys, will commence in the third quarter of next year and is estimated to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2027.

Units there will range from two-room flexi to five-room flats.

The estate will have recreational and communal facilities, including a playground, adult and elderly fitness stations, and precinct pavilions.

A childcare centre will be built for families with young children.

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3. Compensation for owners

The owners of the sold flats will receive the same compensation as those offered under the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers). Owners will receive compensation based on the market value of their flats.

They will also get a $10,000 removal allowance to defray moving expenses, and HDB will pay the stamp and legal fees for the purchase of a comparable replacement flat.

Other rehousing benefits include a Sers grant of $15,000 for singles, or $30,000 for families and joint singles, for the purchase of the replacement flat.

Owners aged 55 and above have the option to buy two-room flexi flats in Woodlands Street 13 on either 99-year or shorter leases.

Owners will also enjoy priority allocation of up to 10 per cent of flats under the Build-To-Order (BTO) or Sales of Balance Flats (SBF) exercise.

They can also apply under the open booking of flats option.

They will not need to pay the resale levy if their existing flat is a subsidised flat - such as a unit bought from HDB, or a resale flat bought with CPF Housing Grant.

They will also get concessions for the payment of resale levy or premium for the previous sale of a subsidised flat elsewhere.

Owners can also return their flats to the HDB to receive an ex-gratia payment of $30,000 and the Sers grant, on top of compensation.

Eligible flat owners who do not wish to take up new flats can choose to sell their existing flats on the open market while they get to enjoy the rehousing benefits.

With the sales proceeds, which will include a premium for the rehousing benefits, they can buy a resale flat in their preferred location.

Residents can look forward to the new replacement flats located in Woodlands Street 13. PHOTO: ICA

4. Rental flat tenants

Rental flat tenants at Blocks 210 and 211 Marsiling Crescent will be given a rehousing allowance of $2,500.

They will also be given priority allocation of sold flats offered under the BTO or SBF exercises, as well as in Woodlands Street 13.

Families will receive a relocation grant of $15,000, or $7,500 for singles, for the purchase of HDB flats.

They will also receive priority allocation for rental flats, and cash and/or rental credits for moving to a smaller rental flat.

Construction of the replacement flats in Woodlands St 13 is estimated to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2027. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM GOOGLEMAPS

5. Commercial tenants

Affected tenants who successfully tender for an HDB rental shop or eating house elsewhere will receive a 10 per cent rental discount for the first tenancy term.

Singaporean tenants who run small- and medium-sized enterprises will be given $30,000 relocation assistance.

Singaporean tenants who secured their premises at Blocks 210 to 218 Marsiling Crescent/Lane by tender before March 4, 1999, or by assignment before June 1, 1999, will be given $60,000 ex-gratia payment.

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