Green, green grass of home for residents in Tengah's Park district

Besides a centrepiece park, it will boast features like gardening and farming spaces, rainforest walk


Rainforest-themed playgrounds, a green lung called Central Park and a 1.5km-long rainforest walk that connects various housing projects.

These are some of the green features future residents living in Tengah's new Park district can look forward to.

It is the third of five districts planned for Singapore's newest housing estate, which is located in the west.

Public housing in two of the districts - Plantation and Garden - was launched earlier. The other two districts in Tengah are Brickland and Forest Hill.

Since 2018, the Housing Board has launched more than 7,000 new flats across six Build-To-Order (BTO) projects in the town.

In line with its name, Park will have a multitude of green spaces to provide its residents with a park-like environment, while being connected to its town centre.

About 20 per cent of the 700ha of land in Tengah will be dedicated to green spaces, the Housing Board said yesterday.

All five districts will incorporate biophilic designs to connect residents to nature, to "increase their overall well-being, promote better health and a greater sense of place", added HDB.

The 104ha Park district is where the "car-free" Tengah town centre is sited.

Tengah's green centrepiece Central Park will feature a "forest stream", which is an existing canal that will be naturalised and landscaped.

The multi-storey carpark roof garden. PHOTO: HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT BOARD

HDB is working with the National Parks Board to develop parks and green spaces to facilitate ecolo-gical connectivity.

A 1.5km-long rainforest walk will weave through various housing projects so residents can easily access Central Park and the 15m-to 20m-wide forest fringe that will run around the town.

Within the rainforest walk, there will be nature-themed children's playgrounds, fitness stations, open green spaces and seating areas.

The planting along the walk will be layered to mimic the emergent, canopy and understorey layers found in a tropical rainforest, and include features such as vegetated swales and rain gardens.

A 100m-wide, 5km-long forest corridor, which will run parallel to the rainforest walk, will link Tengah to the surrounding green network between the western and central catchment areas.

Also in the works are Plantation and Garden farmways, which will extend from two other districts in Tengah - Plantation and Garden, respectively.

These farmways, which traverse Park district, are about 600m long and 40m wide on average.

Within Park district, some 3,000 sq m of green space - the equivalent of about 33 four-room flats - will be set aside for community gardening and farming within the farmways. This is in addition to the community gardens within individual public housing projects.

An artist's impression of a nature-themed children's playground. PHOTO: CT-ART, HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT BOARD

These activities will offer residents the opportunity to "experience a different lifestyle, connect with one another and relive the kampung spirit", HDB said.

This month, 1,044 BTO flats will be offered for sale in the Parc Residences @ Tengah project.

The multi-storey carpark within the BTO project will feature a rooftop garden.

Its ground level will be kept car-free to house amenities such as a childcare centre, fitness stations and a playground.

Tengah is the first HDB town to be planned with smart technologies town-wide from the outset.

For instance, it will use smart lighting and an urban water harvesting system to collect and store rainwater for non-potable uses.

A pneumatic waste conveyance system will make waste collec-tion and estate maintenance more efficient.

Home owners in some BTO projects in the Plantation, Garden and Park districts will also have the option of subscribing to a centralised cooling system offered by SP Group, which is more energy-efficient.

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