askST: How long does HDB take to process an Executive Condominium application?

Reader Koh Aik Yeow wanted to know the maximum duration that the Housing Board takes to process an Executive Condominium application.

Housing reporter Janice Heng found out.

Executive Condominiums (EC) are developed and sold by private property developers.

Buyers submit their applications to buy EC units to the developers, which are in charge of managing and processing these applications.

Any inquiries about EC sales should also be directed to the developers.

However, the HDB does counter-check the income and supporting documents submitted by buyers, to verify that they meet the eligibility criteria.

For instance, one applicant must be a Singaporean citizen and at least one other applicant - as ECs cannot be bought by single buyers - must be a citizen or a Permanent Resident.

Buyers must be at least 21 years old, or at least 35 years old if applying under the Joint Singles Scheme.

Buyers cannot currently own any other property overseas or in Singapore, and must not have disposed of a property in the last 30 months.

They cannot have bought more than one public flat or EC before, nor can they have received more than one CPF Housing Grant.

And the household's average gross monthly income cannot exceed $14,000.

All applicants and essential occupiers will need to prepare supporting documents so that the household income can be assessed for the application.

"Generally, the checks on the documents are completed within a month of receipt from the developer," said an HDB spokesman.

"More time could be required if the documents are incomplete, or if further assessment of the applicants' eligibility is needed," she added.

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