askST: Can I keep a HDB flat which was bought before I got married?

Reader Quek CN wrote in to askST about Housing Board flat ownership.

"Presently I have a four-room HDB flat under my name, which I got before I married my wife. My wife also has a four-room flat under her name which she got before she married me.

"Do we need to dispose of either flat or can we still keep both flats under each party's name?"

Housing reporter Yeo Sam Jo approached the HDB to find out.

A married couple cannot own two flats concurrently.

As the HDB considers them to be one entity, the couple can jointly own only one flat as a family nucleus.

"If two parties each own an HDB flat prior to their marriage, they are required to relinquish ownership of one of the flats upon marriage," said the HDB.

This is in line with the public housing policy of allowing a family to own only one HDB flat at any one time.

The couple also cannot be listed as occupiers in an HDB flat other than the unit they own.

Residents in HDB flats who need information or clarification on lease and tenancy matters can also approach any HDB branch.

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