The haze is back: Everything you need to know about the haze

The haze around Rivervale Lane at 7.05pm on Sept 14, 2015 when the three-hour PSI at 7pm was 167. Lim Yaohui

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes seems to be the most appropriate soundtrack for the past week as the PSI steadily climbed into the upper reaches of 150 to 200.

Yes the haze is back. But you can do some things to combat the itching eyes and sore throats. Here are some of the guides we've produced to help you weather the haze.

1. 10 questions about the haze answered

Wondering about the difference between the 24-hour and three-hour PSI readings? And why the PSI is low when you cannot see the tops of skyscrapers? Learn all about PSI readings in our quick guide.

2. Beat the heat with six cooling teas

Traditional Chinese medicine prescribes herbs that can help you regulate your body temperature. Here are six easy to prepare brews that can help you treat scratchy throats and dry eyes from the haze.

3. Leaves to cure haze ailments

Peppermint leaves are multipurpose herbs used in food, beverages and even toiletries. And it can be useful in combating haze-related ailments. Find out how to brew a soothing lemon-mint drink that will help you survive the haze.

4. How to gauge the effectiveness of an air purifier

If you are thinking of buying an air purifier for your home, read this handy guide first.

5. Tips on buying masks and air purifiers

Surgical masks are not useful for filtering out particulate matter, which is what you should consider when buying masks. As for air purifiers, look at the filters and capacity. For details, read this story.

6. Five ways to stay healthy in the haze

Keep a mask handy at all times. For those who suffer from asthma, stock up on inhalers and those who suffer from dry, sensitive eyes should keep lubricant eye drops with you. Some more tips in our graphic here.

7. Malaysia and Indonesia begin cloud seeding to fight haze: How cloud seeding works

With the haze getting worse, both Malaysia and Indonesia are turning to cloud seeding to try to induce rain to help put out fires and clear the skies. Find out how the process works.

8. Our graphic guide to the haze

Track the fires in Indonesia and learn about the source of the fires in our comprehensive graphic.

9. What are the reasons behind the outbreaks of haze in S-E Asia?

The haze, which has caused flights to be cancelled and schools to close, is a regular occurence during the region's dry season. Here are some questions and answers about the recurring problem.

10. Look and smell of the haze should be the least of your worries

PM2.5 pollutants in the haze are a major cause of concern when the haze hits Singapore. Just how dangerous are these particles which are no larger than 2.5 microns, or a thirtieth the diameter of a human hair? Find out here.

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