Young woman convicted of involvement in fake money scam jumped bail and abused drugs

SINGAPORE - Instead of keeping herself in check after she was convicted of offences involving counterfeit money, a 20-year-old woman jumped bail and abused drugs regularly while on the run.

Nor Shafiyana Iswadi, who is unemployed, first pleaded guilty in November last year to four counts of being part of a scam to spend counterfeit $100 notes.

She also admitted to one count each of methamphetamine or Ice consumption and being in possession of the fake cash.

While out on bail and awaiting her sentence, she absconded and continued her drug habit.

Shafiyana, who was finally caught on Feb 14 this year, was sentenced to a year's reformative training on Monday (April 8) after she pleaded guilty to a second Ice consumption charge.

She will be sent to a reformative training centre to follow a strict regimen that includes foot drills and counselling.

Shafiyana was the third person to be dealt with in court in relation to the fake money scam.

Two others, Nur Qairulnisha Rosmani, 17, and Zafirah Aziz, 20, had earlier been given similar sentences after they pleaded guilty to their roles in the offences.


The cases involving Shafiyana's alleged drug supplier, Muhammad Faiz Sapi'ee, 28, are pending.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kelvin Kow said that Shafiyana got to know Faiz through her former girlfriend, also a drug abuser.

Court documents stated that Faiz came into the possession of 40 fake $100 notes in July last year and informed Shafiyana, who suggested using them to "cheat others".

The pair hatched a plan to make purchases with the bogus money, though it was not stated how Faiz managed to obtain the fake notes.

Qairulnisha and Zafirah also agreed to take part when Shafiyana told them about the scam.

DPP Kow said Faiz handed Shafiyana five bogus $100 notes on July 22 last year to spend on the condition that she gave him back $50 in genuine cash for each note spent.

Qairulnisha and Shafiyana used the money at places including a convenience store and later handed $250 in real notes to Faiz.

On July 28, Shafiyana and Zafirah met up with Faiz, who asked if they wanted more fake notes to "change money". The pair agreed to continue with the scam, the court heard.

DPP Kow said: "Shafiyana and Zafirah also agreed to give all the cash proceeds, save for coins, to Faiz. This was because Shafiyana had agreed to give the said proceeds to Faiz in return for Faiz supplying Shafiyana with Ice."

Later that day, Faiz drove the two women around Woodlands and Marsiling where they used the fake notes to buy items such as cigarettes and drinks. The change was then given to Faiz.

The court heard that Shafiyana also consumed Ice on July 28. Court documents did not state how the offences came to light but the next day, police raided a Hougang flat belonging to Qairulnisha's grandmother and found seven of the counterfeit notes in Shafiyana's possession.

For each count of using counterfeit cash as genuine, offenders can be jailed for up to 20 years and fined.