Motorist charged over fatal Bukit Batok accident

Four-year-old Eleanor Tan Si Xuan (right) died as a result of an accident (left) in Bukit Batok Central last year.
Four-year-old Eleanor Tan Si Xuan (right) died as a result of an accident (left) in Bukit Batok Central last year. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

A 54-year-old motorist is facing two charges of negligent driving after an accident in Bukit Batok Central last year claimed the life of a four-year-old girl.

Sai Mee Chun is accused of failing to keep a proper lookout while driving towards Bukit Batok West Avenue 2 at 6.42pm on Oct 9 last year.

As a result, his car collided with Eleanor Tan Si Xuan, four, and her family's domestic helper Su Su Hiang, 38, a Myanmar national, the court heard on Monday.

Sai was offered bail of $10,000 and will be back in court on Nov 9. The Singaporean was first charged on Oct 12.

The Straits Times reported on Oct 11 last year that after the accident, Eleanor and the maid were taken by ambulance to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

The girl was later pronounced dead at the hospital while Ms Su Su Hiang was treated for multiple injuries including fractures to the bottom of her spinal column as well as to her right arm and right shoulder.

Shin Min Daily News had earlier reported that the girl's mother, Madam Jacelyn Wong, 24, was at home preparing her daughter's favourite meal when the accident occurred.


She told the Chinese evening daily: "All mothers have a sixth sense; I felt disturbed when I was cooking."

Madam Wong waited until 8pm, thinking that Eleanor was late because of a train disruption.

"When I received the call from the hospital, I thought that my daughter had only been injured. But when I got to the hospital with my husband, we found out she had died," she said.

The penalty for causing death or grievous hurt by negligent driving is imprisonment of up to two years and a fine.

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