Parti Liyani case: Karl Liew, son of former CAG chairman, to be charged for giving false evidence in court

Liew Kai Lung Karl will be charged in court on Nov 5, 2020.
Liew Kai Lung Karl will be charged in court on Nov 5, 2020.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Mr Karl Liew, the son of former Changi Airport Group chairman Liew Mun Leong, will be charged on Thursday (Nov 5) for furnishing false information and giving false evidence in court, the police said on Wednesday (Nov 4).

Mr Karl Liew was investigated following the release of a High Court judgment on Sept 4, which found that he had been dishonest in giving evidence against his family's former maid, Ms Parti Liyani, in a theft trial.

The High Court judge found Mr Karl Liew's statements in court suspect, including his claims to have worn women's clothing.

Mr Karl Liew had also testified that a Gucci wallet, a Braun Buffel wallet and a Helix watch were given to him by his family members. Yet none of his family members, including Mr Liew Mun Leong, could recall having or giving him these specific items.

In the light of the comments from the High Court, the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) directed the police to conduct further investigations, which have since been completed, said the police.

Earlier on Wednesday, Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam told Parliament in a ministerial statement that the AGC will, from this case hereafter, seriously consider looking into allegations of perjury or other serious offences should such findings arise in court-issued judgments or decisions in legal proceedings.