askST: Will value transfer and Giro arrangement be automatic for the new PAssion Silver card?

Reader Roy Chia has a purple Senior Citizen Concession Card, which is automatically topped up via Giro, and will be issued a new PAssion Silver Concession Card.

He wrote in to ask if the transfer of value and Giro arrangement, from the old card to the new one, would be automatically done.

Reporter Priscilla Goy checked with TransitLink.

The PAssion Silver Concession Card combines the current purple Senior Citizen Concession Card for public transport and the black-and- white PAssion ez-link Card into a single card, to make it easier for seniors to stay active and be engaged in the community.

It is free for every Singaporean aged 60 and above. Launched last month (dec), the initiative is led by the health and transport ministries and People's Association (PA).


Holders of the new card will enjoy discounted rates for PA community clubs' courses, activities and facilities, and at merchants such as Cold Storage. They will also get concession fares on public transport.


TransitLink said customers who have a Senior Citizen Concession Card which is automatically topped up via Giro will need to reapply for this auto top-up service on the PAssion Silver Concession Card if they want to continue with this service.

To activate the new card, a customer would have to take both the new and old cards, and visit a TransitLink ticket office or concession card replacement office.

A customer service officer would then help to file a "deferred refund" on the remaining value on his old card. This amount would be credited into the customer's linked bank account within 14 days.

The auto top-up service on the old card would also be terminated.

Customers can go to any general ticketing machine at MRT stations to reapply to have their new cards automatically topped up via Giro. DBS and POSB are the only participating banks for this service.

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