askST: What courses are available under the SkillsFuture scheme and how do I sign up?

Reader Inderjit Kaur is a retired senior education officer. She wrote in to ask ST: "I am not 65 yet. I was wondering if I am entitled to this $500 credit for skills-based classes."

She also wanted to know what courses are being offered and how she can sign up.

Manpower correspondent Toh Yong Chuan answered.

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above are eligible for the SkillsFuture Credit, so you should have received the $500 for training courses.

The complete list of courses is available here. There are about 12,700 courses in areas like business management, productivity and personal development. For a closer look at some of the programmes offered under the SkillsFuture scheme, read this story.

You can also check your SkillsFuture credit at the website as well as make a claim for the courses. You will need your SingPass ID and password. 

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