askST: Are groups of more than 5 people allowed to sit across multiple tables at F&B outlets?

Authorities will continue to step up enforcement checks at F&B outlets.
Authorities will continue to step up enforcement checks at F&B outlets.ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG

SINGAPORE - Three food and beverage (F&B) outlets have been ordered to close for 10 days, while four others have been fined $1,000 each for flouting safe management measures, said the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment on Tuesday (Sept 22).

This brings the total number of F&B outlets taken to task for breaches to 45 since the start of phase two. Of these, 26 were ordered to close and 19 were fined.

The MSE said the authorities will continue to step up enforcement checks at F&B outlets and it urged customers to be socially responsible.

Here are some things to note about the five-person rule in F&B outlets:

Are groups of more than five people allowed to split themselves across multiple tables at F&B outlets?

No. Gatherings of more than five people are not allowed, even if they are split across multiple tables or in private dining rooms. F&B operators are not allowed to accept such reservations.

Can households with more than five people living together book more than one table at F&B outlets?

Yes they can. In this case, the group will be seated at multiple tables, at least 1m apart, with no more than five people per table. However, the Ministry of Health said they should limit interaction between tables.

F&B establishments can request to verify diners' claims that they are from the same household and they can deny entry of diners at their discretion.

Will diners be penalised for flouting Covid-19 safe management measures?

Yes. Customers would have committed an offence if they gathered in groups of more than five, mixed with people from other groups, failed to practise safe distancing or are not wearing a mask.


First-time offenders will be fined $300, while a second offence will lead to a $1,000 fine or prosecution in court for more serious cases.

On Sept 9, 17 individuals were fined for breaching the five-person rule at various F&B outlets. This came after the Ministry of Health's announcement on the same day that diners and F&B outlets who breach safe management measures, even for the first time, will be penalised without warning.