10 must-reads for today

The new store features a small indoor hydroponic farm - where vegetables are grown and harvested - by local urban farming firm ComCrop.
The new store features a small indoor hydroponic farm - where vegetables are grown and harvested - by local urban farming firm ComCrop.ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG

1 Largest FairPrice outlet

More than 350 local brands are among the over 35,000 products available at FairPrice's largest FairPrice Xtra hypermarket and Unity Pharmacy outlet at VivoCity. The supermarket, which is on two floors of the mall, was officially opened yesterday.

2 China rejects US' label

China's central bank has rejected a "currency manipulator" designation from the United States, asserting that the yuan's exchange rate is determined by market forces.

3 Revamp for Kallang area

The Singapore Sports Hub in Kallang will be joined by six other developments by 2025, after Sport Singapore announced plans to develop the precinct as a destination for sport and world-class entertainment. A velodrome for track cycling, a football hub and a tennis centre are among the new sporting arenas to be built.

4 Bill to split Kashmir passed

A Bill to bifurcate Jammu and Kashmir and increase federal control over the region has been passed by India's Parliament, but residents were likely to have been unaware of the fast-paced developments due to a complete communication blackout.

5 Help equip farmers: Jokowi

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has called on all related parties, including provincial governors, to help farmers acquire equipment such as excavators and tractors to ensure they do not resort to the slash-and-burn method when clearing plantation land.

6 Risk of bond-market bubble

Negative-yielding debt is creating new dangers as the risks of a bond bubble build up, says associate editor Vikram Khanna.

7 Low rate of paternity leave

Two-thirds of eligible fathers did not take any paternity leave and a vast majority did not take any shared parental leave last year, according to Ministry of Social and Family Development estimates. The take-up rate for paternity leave was 35 per cent last year, compared with 53 per cent in 2017.

8 New cyber hygiene rules

All financial services and e-payment firms here must follow a set of cyber hygiene rules from August next year. The Monetary Authority of Singapore is the first financial authority in the world to mandate cyber hygiene.

9 Better sports governance

Singapore Sport Institute chief Toh Boon Yi believes a secretariat with strong technical leaders is a key component to improving governance at national sports associations. Sporting bodies here have come under the spotlight in recent months after the Singapore Taekwondo Federation's preliminary suspension by World Taekwondo in May.

10 Top Asian fantasy dramas

Hollywood may have Game Of Thrones, but Asia has its share of fantasy television dramas. Journalist Jan Lee picks the top 10 fantasy dramas, from Chinese production The Lost Tomb 2 to Indian series Typewriter.


Boy fluent in languages

Thai-born Tanabordee Pansook Lim did not speak English when he came to Singapore five years ago. Now, he speaks English and Mandarin fluently, and can recite the National Pledge in four languages. http://str.sg/Tanabordee


Life Picks

We recommend bakery Slow Bakes in Novena, and talk about a party at Ce La Vi featuring DJ Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor in the award-winning series Game Of Thrones. http://str.sg/lifepicks43

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