Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu confirms the birth of his son

Nicky Wu and his wife Liu Shishi welcomed a baby boy on April 27, 2019.
Nicky Wu and his wife Liu Shishi welcomed a baby boy on April 27, 2019.PHOTO: NICKY WU

SINGAPORE - Another celebrity is celebrating a new arrival in the family.

More than a week after Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok announced on social media that his wife, model Moka Fang, has given birth to their second daughter, it is the turn of Nicky Wu to do so.

On Monday (April 29), the Taiwanese actor posted on Weibo, "Our little friend has arrived, both mother and son are well, thanks everyone for your concern! Dear mummy, it has been tough on you."

He then tagged his wife, Chinese actress Liu Shishi, in the post with the words "thank you".

Liu re-posted Wu's post on Weibo, with the comment, "Our little friend is super cute!"

Wu, 48, a member of defunct Taiwanese boyband Little Tigers, met Liu on the set of Chinese time-travel drama Scarlet Heart. He starred as the Qing Dynasty prince who would become Emperor Yongzheng in the 2011 television show while Liu, 32, played his girlfriend from the future.

Wu and Liu dated in real life after the show and the couple wedded in 2015.


Wu confirmed Liu's pregnancy last December. Chinese media reports said she gave birth in Taipei on Saturday.